Thursday, September 17, 2009

Beneath the Surface (2007, Blake Reigle) - 90 min.

This is a movie about an emo kid named Ethan, who is in lurve with the pretty girl in school.  But, alas, miss Kahlah's dating a jock who won't let her have anything to do with Ethan.  When the jock boyfriend, Shane, makes Kahlah overdose on ecstasy in an attempt to get in her pants, Ethan has a real reason to be emo.  Everybody's sad, blah blah blah, Shane doesn't get in trouble like he should, blah blah blah, emo kid cries, then decides the only thing to do is use his crazy neighbor's Aztec artifacts to resurrect Kahlah.  He does, and then spends way too much of the movie trying to get her to talk.  Finally, she sees Shane, remembers that he killed her, and then kills him.

The description on the dvd case made this movie seem like it would be so much better than it was.  I blind bought this one because it seemed like it would be interesting.  Sadly, this is probably the worst movie I own.  All the characters were stereotypical and boring, the acting was pretty bad, and a lot of the editing and camera work was almost unwatchable.  Forget my three dollars, I want those 90 minutes of my life back.


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