Saturday, September 12, 2009

WTF?! Film #1

Surveillance (2008, Jennifer Lynch) - 97 min. - 7/10

It's quite fitting that the first film of WTF?! Film Reviews is directed by a relative of David Lynch.  Jennifer Lynch is, in fact, David Lynch's daughter and it seems that Jennifer Lynch learned much about writing and directing crazy, f-ed up movies from her father.  I wonder if she watched Eraserhead (1977) when she was little.  That would teach any kid a lesson in crazy.  

Anyways, Surveillance was actually quite brilliant.  Although not quite as surrealistic as many of David Lynch's films, Surveillance is full of the same twisted characters and is a masterfully written story.  With actors such as Michael Ironside, Bill Pullman, and Julia Ormond, the characters are portrayed very well and keep the viewer entertained throughout the film.  This one's definitely worth checking out if you like a good crime movie.

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