Tuesday, October 20, 2009

WTF?! Film #2

Gutterballs (2009, Ryan Nicolson) - 94 min.
Hmm, where to begin with this one?  Well, there was quite a bit of hype for this one.  I heard almost 100% great things about it.  Unfortunately, I found Gutterballs to be all hype and absolutely no substance.
This movie is almost a porno, which is fine if that's what you're looking for, but that was not what I was expecting.  I didn't care about any of the characters.  The ending was ridiculous, predictable, and silly.
On the bright side, some of the kills were pretty interesting.  The Bowling Bag Killer was also a pretty original idea.  Kudos for those, but not enough to save the movie.
Essentially, this movie suffered from excessive hype and the inability to come even remotely close to living up to said hype.

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