Friday, October 8, 2010

October Challenge Film #12

I Spit on Your Grave aka Day of the Woman (1978, Meir Zarchi) - 100 min.

I had heard a lot about this film and I was expecting the violence level to be that of Cannibal Holocaust.  Overall, it wasn't quite that violent, but it still manages to leave you feeling like you need a shower.  This film had some pretty bad sound - it was frequently very obvious that most of the sound was recorded in a studio.  The acting was okay, and some of the scenes were pretty ridiculous.  I did love the part where she cuts of the guy's man-parts, as well as the line "suck it, bitch."

I Spit on Your Grave has led to a lot of debate, not just over whether or not rape can be portrayed in film, but over whether or not this film truly deserves the title "Day of the Woman."  Although Jennifer takes revenge on the men who raped her, I believe that this film really cannot be considered as one of "empowerment" for women (even if it is really fun to see Jennifer get revenge).  The film is largely about having Jennifer be naked.  Even when Jennifer exacts her revenge, the writer/director have her get naked for the camera.  To me, that was kind of silly.

Then again, this is a horror film, and horror films are never feminist.  Practically all horror films do is objectify women.  And yet, I love the horror genre.  I'm not a total feminist, but I do find sexism, misogyny, and male chauvinism to be rather offensive in real life.  I guess that I can just tell the difference between real life and a movie.


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