Wednesday, October 13, 2010

October Challenge Film #15

Wilderness (2006, Michael J. Bassett) - 94 min.

A group of young offenders who've committed crimes ranging from rape to murder go on a camping trip to an isolated island where they are supposed to practice teamwork.  Unfortunately, the crazed father of an inmate who had committed suicide comes to murder the entire camping party.  This one was actually pretty cool.  The gore was great (although there were a few instances of the dreaded CGI blood), the bad guy was pretty cool, and there was a great scene involving bear traps.  Yes, I meant for "bear trap" to be plural.  The setting was great and the acting was pretty good too.  My only complaint really was the cheesy music.  It was horrendously cheesy, which didn't fit in very well with the seriousness of the story.


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