Wednesday, October 6, 2010

October Challenge Film #9

The Deaths of Ian Stone (2007, Dario Piana) - 87 min.

This one is from the After Dark Horrorfest (2007), and it was pretty good for an After Dark flick.  The Deaths of Ian Stone had a great alternate reality feel to it, sort of like Blade or The Matrix.  The first half of the movie was highly entertaining, and although the effects are a tad cheesy, they fit the movie well.  The second half is where things kind of fell apart.  Think of it this way, it was similar to The Matrix in that the protagonist attains some awesome powers, but in The Deaths of Ian Stone, the protagonist gets his powers far too early.  It's after that event in the movie that the entertainment value goes downhill.  The movie also had a pretty cheesy theme - love conquers evil and hatred.  I'm kind of partial to that theme though, no matter how cheesy it is.


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