Monday, November 1, 2010

October Challenge Film #30

Frozen (2010, Adam Green) - 93 min.

Two boarders and a skier manage to catch a last-minute chairlift ride right before the resort shuts down for the week.  Unfortunately, the stupid liftee makes some mistakes and winds up shutting down before they get off the lift.  The group is forced to choose to either 1) jump to the ground from the lift, break their legs, and fight off a pack of wolves, or 2) sit on the chairlift all week and freeze to death.  Doesn't sound like one bit of fun to me.  Frozen had pretty good character development, pretty good pacing, and pretty good acting.  My major problem with the movie, however, was that the writers decided to make some stuff up.  So, since when have chairlift cables been razor sharp?  What a lame thing to make up just to eliminate the easiest way for the characters to get off of the lift.  Silly.  I also thought the characters made some pretty stupid decisions, like jumping off the chairlift when they could've used their jackets as a makeshift rope to lower the guy a bit so maybe he wouldn't break both his legs.  On the bright side, there was a good Kane Hodder cameo in the flick.


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