Friday, July 8, 2011

DC Comics Reboot

It has been really fun reading all of the debate on the DC reboot. As someone who hasn't really read much DC work at all, I'm excited to pick up some new comics that are essentially starting from square one. One of the reason's I've been reluctant to pick up DC comics in the past is that I worried I wouldn't understand the plots because I would be picking up issue 236 of Wonder Woman or something like that. I've always read Marvel comics, so I'm fairly well-versed in the Marvel Universe, and most other comic book companies don't have so much interaction between titles, so it's been easy picking up series like Hack/Slash and Preacher. DC, just like Marvel, has a lot of interplay between their titles, so I've read close to nothing of their titles. Here's a list of #1's I'll be picking up come September! Keep in mind that I am by no means a comic snob and that I'm just picking based on what stories sound cool, which covers look nifty, and which super-heroes I'd like to learn more about.

On sale 9/7/2011
  • Batgirl #1 - Written by Gail Simone, art by Ardian Syaf & Vicente Cifuentes, cover by Adam Hughes.
  • Detective Comics #1 - I'm sticking with just one Batman series for now. I'm a poor college student and there are 4 titles about Batman coming out. Written by Tony S. Daniel, art by Tony S. Daniel, cover by Tony S. Daniel
  • Animal Man #1 - This one's a maybe. Written by Jeff Lemire, art by Travel Foreman & Dan Green, cover by Travel Foreman.
  • Suicide Squad #1 - Written by Adam Glass, art by Marco Rudy, cover by Ryan Benjamin.
  • Green Lantern #1 - Written by Geoff Johns, art by Dough Mahnke & Christian Alamy, cover by Ivan Reis & Joe Prado.
  • Nightwing #1 - Written by Kyle Higgins, art & cover by Eddy Barrows & JP Mayer.
  • Wonder Woman #1 - Written by Brian Azzarello, art & cover by Cliff Chiang.
  • Aquaman #1 - Written by Geoff Johns, art & cover by Ivan Reis & Joe Prado.
  • Teen Titans #1 - Written by Scott Lobdell, art & cover by Brett Booth & Norm Rapmund.

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  1. Of these, I think the only ones I'll be buying are Batgirl #1 (though not without a certain amount of anger about it) and Wonder Woman #1. As a rule, I'm avoiding anything written by Geoff Johns or Scott Lobdell. The new costume they've put Harley into makes me want to gouge my eyes out, so no Suicide Squad for me even if it DOES star Deadshot and King Shark. As for Detective...well, if it was still being written by Scott Snyder, then yes, but they moved Snyder over to Batman, so that's where my own bat-dollars will be spent.

    What I'm also going to buy: Birds of Prey (though I'm super angry at what they've done to this team), The Fury of Firestorm (because it's written by Gail Simone), Batwoman (because it'll be utterly gorgeous), and probably Swamp Thing. I'll be buying Wonder Woman because I have this dream that somewhere, somehow, someone will get the character right. A vain hope, probably.

    I didn't know you were a comics fan. Sweet!