Friday, March 9, 2012

6 Months Into the DC Reboot!

Now that the New 52 have had a chance to complete some story arcs and start a few new ones, I figure it's about time to pass judgement on some of the more notable titles.

Favorites from the reboot:
  • Justice League - The art by Jim Lee and Scott Williams is great.  Each issue so far has had a brilliant full-page splash.  And of course, you can't go wrong with writing from Geoff Johns.  I don't know how he does it.  My favorite parts of this title so far are the way that everybody keeps making fun of Batman for not having powers and when Wonder Woman discovered ice cream.
  • Aquaman - After years of explaining to my friends that Aquaman could actually be pretty cool, I am finally vindicated!  Again, the fact that Geoff Johns is writing is a big factor here.  The art by Ivan Reis is also very compelling.  It's very self-aware and is full of jokes about how lame Aquaman used to be.
  • Catwoman - After a rough start (not showing Selina's face for two pages even though we get to see plenty of the rest of her, a full page splash of her and Batman being intimate, etc.) the comic wound up being pretty fun.
  • Batwoman - Simply superb.  I think that the writing by J.H. Williams & Haden Blackman is the most compelling of the New 52.
  • Teen Titans - Although not particularly groundbreaking or moving, this title is good fun.

Miserable Failures:
  • Mister Terrific - Ahem, more like Mister Terrible.  Very uninteresting.
  • Hawk and Dove - It's like they didn't even try to make this one good, let alone comprehensible.

The rest are all pretty good, but I didn't find them particularly great or memorable.  In general, all of the Batman titles are pretty popular and I have a lot friends who love Wonder Woman.  Resurrection Man and Grifter don't seem to sell very well, but I found those two titles to be fairly enjoyable.

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